How long will it take to process my order? 

Usually, it should take approximately 2-4 days. For more information on shipping, be sure to read our shipping policy. For any more questions on your order, don't hesitate to contact us: bodyessentialsbyabiara@gmail.com.

Where is your Shea butter from?

Our Shea butter is imported straight from Nigeria!

Why should I use the body butter on damp or wet skin? 

If you've noticed, many body butters are projected to not have long lasting moisturization. While this may be true for different types of body butters, the problem may be how it’s applied! Body butters are made with oils and hard butters that are sealants. It is important to understand that sealants are meant to lock in moisture. So, when using our body butter, apply it to damp or wet skin, and you’ll feel your skin really absorbing that moisture. Applying body butter on dry skin is simply sealing in dry skin!


In what order is it recommended to use all products?

In the shower, after cleansing, you would use the body scrub. Immediately after the shower, without drying or drying completely, you apply your body butter.


What is your plan to ship body butter in the summer?

We’re trying our absolute best to prevent our butters from melting without tweaking our recipe. In the summer, we cool and wrap our butters in insulation wrap, and we ship on days that move the fastest. We also offer more pick up and drop off options for quicker and more direct delivery to ensure minimal melting possibilities.

How do I store my body butter?

Natural Shea butter tends to melt or harden depending on the temperature it is placed in. To prevent it from melting (or getting way too soft), store your body butter in a cool and dark area to keep that whipped, creamy texture. If your body butter MELTS due to warm temperatures, you can pop it in the fridge for a couple minutes or let it sit at room temperature for 24 - 48 hours.

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